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You're Missing Out on Memphis – the musical

20 Oct

As I was driving away from Memphis months ago, U-Haul behind me, I began to cry.  The man in my passenger seat, an old boyfriend, asked me what was wrong, with a slight smirk on his face.  I got very choked up when I responded, “It’s the only place I felt at home.”

The smirk disappeared as he replied, “I’m sorry, Brandi.”  I don’t know that anyone else truly understood my pain, truly knew how much that drive hurt me, but him.  And that’s why I forgive him for what he did after that, and I can’t be too angry with him.  I had another dream about him last night.  In this one I gave him my number and told him to call if he wanted to hang out.  “Do you really think it will work?” he asked and I laughed, “Of course not!  But I want you to know that it’s okay anyway.”  I sometimes consider doing just that.  But the chemistry between us is too strong… we’ll wind up hooking up, and it will end in disaster.  Besides, I don’t care about him like that, at all.  But still, out of all the moments he and I have shared since we began dating in 1995, that one moment in the car  heading South from Memphis meant more to me than all the others combined.  I am glad to have had someone there during that painful separation between me and my home.

And now Memphis the musical has opened on Broadway.  I expected Memphians to give it the worst reviews (they are a pissy bunch, the Memphis hipsters), but to my pleasant surprise it has received props from the Bluff City inhabitants.  I haven’t seen it myself, so I will refer you to the most awesome I Love Memphis Blog.  You can get to the homepage via the blogroll on the right, but first read the review of the musical by clicking the picture below:


Superman dam fool

28 Sep

This was in Memphis for a long time, but is gone now.

I think it should live on here.

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