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*8 Things

13 Oct

As you all know, I’ve been engaging in a lot of list-making recently. The more lists I made, the more I started seeking out other listmakers. I found one blogger in particular very interesting, as she has themed her lists “*8 Things”. She encourages others to participate and link to their own *8 Things lists.

I’ve hesitated to blog any of my lists lately for one reason. I’ve been following her format and I want to link to her, tag these posts, and put her on the blogroll. But I haven’t been on the “real” internet in over a week. I got on last night, read and commented on Kibbies’ blog, and sent Fuzz “The Nastiest Jam (Of All Time)” and then my router went out… again. I gave up after that.

So it’s back to emailing my posts and I don’t even know where to tell you to look for this list-making goddess. I want to attribute the *8 Things to Magpie Girl of WordPress, but I need to get online to be certain. Until then, just know that this is not my original idea and I will link to the author of it soon. For now I want to get some of these hand-written lists outta my purse!


I have the link now, so go check out Magpie Girl.  She’s also made the blogroll, so her link will be there for future reference.  I really like her blog, and she’s got some neat things going on.  She’s going a year without buying clothes.  Can you imagine?  I feel like I never have anything to wear and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought a top here and there this year.  I am nowhere near ready to pledge something like that, so props to her.

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