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You know, the important things

18 Aug

Nate goes to a private school and thus has to learn a different Bible verse every week. They start with a different letter each week, and this week is “B”. My mom was trying to teach him this week’s verse, and this is the conversation I overheard:
Bomba (my mom’s “grandmother” name): Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and…?
Nate: Vrroooom
Bomba: Nate, put the truck down and help me finish this verse. Now, “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and…?”
Nate: and the American flag?

I think it’s safe to say Nate Dawg has being a Southerner down pat. ;)


Walking my angel to class

18 Aug

This is what I will miss the most when he stops needing his mommy so much.

Short summary of a day in the life of a single mom

12 Aug

My day:

Wake up at 7 am, get both kids up and ready for school, screech into the parking lot at 7:49 (a minute before school starts), and immediately head to an 8 am appointment.  Run errands, start a huge facebook debate, pay bills with checks which should be good by the time they go through, come home and clean.

Head back to get Nate at 11:30, run another errand, go out to eat, watch old ladies ooo and aahh over my precious little boy, promote my friend’s cake business, go by my cousin’s to drop him off some lunch, realize I forgot to go by the church and sign my daughter’s permission slip to ride the church van, head back uptown, go by a friend’s to visit so that I don’t have to drive all the way into the country just to turn around and get Jade from school in 30 minutes.

At Manna’s Nate tortures her dog, plays with her kids’ toys, and begs not to leave.  The heat index is over 115 degrees.  We line up to get Jade, which takes 30 minutes to do.

On the way home, Nate starts singing to the top of his lungs, a song he made up himself about Manna’s dog, Popo.  In an effort to drown him out, Jade starts singing a song too, an Old Crow song and the lyrics she’s screaming are, “Tell it to me, tell it to me, drink ya corn liquor let the cocaine be…” and then Nate starts screaming “TAKE HER BACK TO SCHOOL AND LEAVE HER THERE, MOMMY!!”

When we get in, we do homework, and I have to keep the kids from jumping on the furniture.  “Could y’all go play in your rooms for a minute?” I ask, “Mommy’s nerves are kinda shot.”

My dad: “Why?  You haven’t done anything today, have you?”

*Grumble grumble grumble…*

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