You're Missing Out on Memphis – the musical

20 Oct

As I was driving away from Memphis months ago, U-Haul behind me, I began to cry.  The man in my passenger seat, an old boyfriend, asked me what was wrong, with a slight smirk on his face.  I got very choked up when I responded, “It’s the only place I felt at home.”

The smirk disappeared as he replied, “I’m sorry, Brandi.”  I don’t know that anyone else truly understood my pain, truly knew how much that drive hurt me, but him.  And that’s why I forgive him for what he did after that, and I can’t be too angry with him.  I had another dream about him last night.  In this one I gave him my number and told him to call if he wanted to hang out.  “Do you really think it will work?” he asked and I laughed, “Of course not!  But I want you to know that it’s okay anyway.”  I sometimes consider doing just that.  But the chemistry between us is too strong… we’ll wind up hooking up, and it will end in disaster.  Besides, I don’t care about him like that, at all.  But still, out of all the moments he and I have shared since we began dating in 1995, that one moment in the car  heading South from Memphis meant more to me than all the others combined.  I am glad to have had someone there during that painful separation between me and my home.

And now Memphis the musical has opened on Broadway.  I expected Memphians to give it the worst reviews (they are a pissy bunch, the Memphis hipsters), but to my pleasant surprise it has received props from the Bluff City inhabitants.  I haven’t seen it myself, so I will refer you to the most awesome I Love Memphis Blog.  You can get to the homepage via the blogroll on the right, but first read the review of the musical by clicking the picture below:


4 Responses to “You're Missing Out on Memphis – the musical”

  1. stardust October 20, 2009 at 11:32 pm #

    Ohhh, I wanna see that!

    I’m glad that you had someone to share that experience with. That’s really beautiful. That’s what life is…having someone to share moments, both good and bad, with. Not the same person to share every moment with, per se. Just someone who understands exactly what you are feeling during big moments while letting you FEEL.

    Hipsters everywhere are like that, but I find Memphis hipsters to be like that. Like their life is harder because they live in Memphis. Here’s your medal! At least that’s what this hipster kid I knew from Memphis was like, lol.

  2. Raisin Girl October 20, 2009 at 11:47 pm #

    I swear, and this is embarrassing really, that I thought hipsters only existed in Memphis until recently. Like Memphis spawned hipsters for some weird reason, and that once you left midtown they were an endangered species. I was shocked to go to a concert recently in Starkville and see hipsters. SHOCKED.

    For the most part, they are seriously amusing to me. I love watching them argue about how awesome PBR is, while they stick their noses up at Bud Light – they’d rather be caught drinking gasoline. It’s hilarious. PBR tastes like shit! Hell yeah I’ll drink it for 5 bucks a pitcher, but I’m not about to pretend I enjoy the crap. Or that it’s any different from any other shitty beer.

    And I’ve always been extremely, giddily amused by people who go to great lengths to wear ugly clothes as if they don’t subscribe to fashion rules set by mainstream society, but then judge other people by what they wear… the antithesis of what they supposedly represent, right? Very much like the Phish kids before them, and the Ginko-sporting hacky-sackers of the 90s. I like watching anti-conformists snubbing their noses at conformists as if they don’t use the same “rules” to dictate their life style choices. Only non-conformists (like you and I) actually ignore convention… using convention to do the direct opposite is still allowing it too much control in your life. Silly hipsters.

    Everyone in Memphis wants to act like they’re tough or harder for living there. I did that too, lol. I can’t lie. I used to listen to the live streaming of the Memphis PD radio, so I would know how actually dangerous that city was, and I would still walk at night when I got drunk. Pee in various midtown bushes. Cover at least 5 miles bar-hopping. Then I would brag about being all tough looong after the hangover was gone. It’s kinda bragging rights – if you live in one of the most violent cities in the nation, you get to act like a hard ass. Even if you’re a scardy cat cracker like me who would cry like a bitch if you actually got hit or something. :D The only thing that would annoy me about that is when someone from one of the suburbs would do the same. Unless that suburb was like Horn Lake or something, I don’t wanna hear it. Aint nothin’ going down in Bartlett, you rich white assholes.

  3. stardust October 20, 2009 at 11:54 pm #

    Ha! Hipsters are my favorite zoo animals! Totally. I am obsessed with the Stuff Hipsters Hate. It makes my day. My favorite line is “Even worse: ponytails pulled halfway through the elastic, forming demented buns. Traditionally worn with a Powderpuff Football hoodie to send a universal and undeniable “I haven’t showered, please stand back” message to bros.”

  4. murmurkibbies October 21, 2009 at 10:12 am #

    OMG, I wear those demented buns all the time. They’re totally my fav. I shower though, and don’t even know what a Powderpuff Football hoodie looks like.

    Would LOVE to the this musical. Y’all know I’m ALL about musicals. :D

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