8 Words I Hate

13 Oct

1. Whatever – this is my least favorite word ever.
2. Frugal
3. Canuck
4. Scrotum
5. Loquacious
6. Preggars
7. Invalid
8. Emaciated


2 Responses to “8 Words I Hate”

  1. murmurkibbies October 14, 2009 at 4:14 pm #

    OMG, I cannot STAND “preggers” and “prego” (in reference to pregnancy, not the spaghetti sauce)…. Although I’ve been desensitized to those words a lot since they’ve become more popular, they still annoy the shit out of me mostly.

    Funny how you get used to things, though.. Remember when I absolutely couldn’t STAND to see someone write “I heart” something? It’s grown on me, I now can handle seeing that, and find it even cute sometimes.

    Loquacious? WTF is that? It sounds like what a “preggars” teen from Eiland Plaza would name her baby.

    I hope I’ve never bothered you with my use of “whatever”… I know I say it sometimes, and I always forget your hatred of it.

  2. Raisin Girl October 20, 2009 at 7:46 pm #

    I get used to things as well. I too kinda like “I heart” instead of “I love” things, every now and then. It amuses me when used appropriately.

    LMAO, Loquacious does sound like a name one of my middle schoolers would come up with. It means talkative, but I’ve never heard it utilized when its sole purpose seemingly isn’t to make the user sound smart. Who really throws words like that around? Why not “chatty”? Let’s get real.

    I loathe the use of preggars. I don’t care how much someone says it, I will never enjoy hearing that. I dislike “hubby” too. Unless we’re talking Ben and Jerry’s, I don’t ever want to hear hubby or preggars, it just makes me gag. It seems to make being married and/or pregnant more of a childhood thing – “He gave me a promise ring!! I can’t wait to make him my hubby and get preggars!” GAG GAG GAG.

    Your use of whatever has never upset me, dude. Don’t sweat it.

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